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How to Get Google Adsense Accepted Fast, Guaranteed to Work!

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Not a few bloggers are also annoyed because their Adsense is rejected even though it is filled with quality content. Previously, did you know what Adsense is? What are the benefits of using Adsense? So, before starting List Five, I want to tell you first an explanation of what Adsense is!

Adsense is an advertising program where Google allows its users to become their partners. The website owner will be paid by Google if the ad is clicked by a visitor, now there are actually many other advertiser platforms besides Adsense. You must have often heard, how much income can we get from Adsense?

Yup, you can get hundreds of thousands, millions, even tens of millions every month just by sitting typing.

Benefits of Adsense Compared to Others The reason you should use Adsense over other advertising programs is

  • Bigger commission.
  • Ads according to your niche.
  • Ads are definitely safe, do not contain prohibited elements.
  • Provides complete statistics.
  • You can find many references easily.
  • Requirements To Join Google Partner Program

A google of course chooses a website that is worthy of being their partner, and of course to register for Adsense is not easy, friend, there are so many obstacles that must be faced, here are the requirements that must be met so that your Adsense is quickly accepted by Google!

  • Your website has more than 25 articles ( Gatcha).
  • Daily traffic has started to show.
  • Organic Visitor has started to appear.
  • Already GSC Index.

Those are the requirements that you must fulfill at least to be accepted by Google Adsense, it turns out that there are also tips so that your website is quickly accepted by Google Adsense. so here it is for Tips & Tricks so that our website is quickly accepted by Google Adsense, Cekidot!

How to Get Your Website Accepted Fast by Google Adsense

1. Create Interesting Content
Interesting content that contains a complete explanation and does not corner and even harm others, you can also create the contents of your head into content.

2. Use GSC Webmaster
Don’t underestimate it, GSC or commonly called Google Search Console is a program provided also by Google which aims to help make your index process faster, friend, GSC also provides complete statistical information ranging from CTR, Total impressions, Total Clicks and much more. . with you using this GSC you will find it easier to meet the requirements of Google Adsense which is where our content must be indexed.

3. Never Make The Same Mistake
Here, most users (website owners) make the same mistake, even though it’s clear that the reasons for the refusal have been explained, including:

  • Low Value Content
    That is, the traffic that Google wants is still not in accordance with what you have, my advice is to increase the content that many visitors are looking for. The reason could be that your content is random and doesn’t follow SEO procedures
  • Not Passed Copyscape
    Not a few of us sometimes like to copy and paste other people’s articles without prior permission from the website owner. Obviously this violates the terms of Google Services and will be difficult for Google Adsense to accept.

4. Use a Different Adsense Account
If you think the website you have is worthy of becoming the Adsense Partner Program, of course what you have to do now is register for adsense. Cache your PC first. in addition to the Adsense account, the cellphone number also tries to be different, you can borrow your family, sister and others.

5. Keep Spirit And Don’t Give Up
This point does look trivial, yes, but it’s true.. Maybe Google will test you, if your adsense application is rejected, you will despair? Don’t get it, bro!

The final word

So, that’s the discussion about how to quickly accept Google Adsense. Please share and stop by the comments column of this article to continue to get information about other IT!

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